What Is Rewind

Rewind is an innovative mobile app redefining social networking, introducing a fresh approach to prioritizing user-centricity and privacy. This platform, currently in its early beta phase, offers a personalized haven where seamless user-centricity and privacy go hand in hand. It's meticulously designed to reflect diverse interests, providing a strong content experience for all users.

Immerse yourself in a world where a comprehensive news section keeps users globally informed. An intuitive home page effortlessly explores trends and connections, fostering organic network growth. Rewind stands as a pioneering force in mobile social media engagement, committed to safeguarding user data and fairness

Operating on an ad-supported model, Rewind prioritizes user privacy over profit. It addresses common frustrations found on other social media networks, ensuring a secure and inclusive space without arbitrary guidelines that stifle expression. Rewind isn't just an app it's a secure, personalized, and community-driven social hub available at your fingertips.

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2024 Itinerary

iOS App Launch - Developing an app of this magnitude is no easy feat let alone doing it yourself. That being said by late 2024 Rewind should have launched globally.

Android Beta Launch - Finding competent android devs that I can rely on is becoming really frustrating and is making the development process very slow, however I am hoping a beta build is released around mid 2024

Platform User Count - A goal of mine personally is to have over 10,000 users in the beta before app release, would be really cool and a good feeling walking into the doors of doom

Advertising Revenue goal - With the launch of advertising around the corner and external forces starting to drive people to the app I am planning on bringing in around $10 - 20,000US by the end of 2024

Platform Combined Interaction Count - Currently just shy of 600,000 points across all users, by the end of 2024 and my expected influx of users I am anticipating we cross 20,000,000 points

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We're on the brink of introducing advertising functionalities on Rewind! Soon, users—whether individuals or businesses—will be able to showcase advertisements on our platform, marking the early stages of this feature. While it's an initial iteration, this marks the beginning of a new avenue for everyone to engage with Rewind.

As a smaller-scale app, we're committed to offering competitive and affordable pricing for our advertising services initially. Due to the app's current user base, prices per views and watch time will start at a lower rate. However, please note that these prices are subject to change over time as our platform grows and evolves.

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Content Delivery - Personalized feed based on user preferences and interactions

Explore Page - Discover trending content, new posts, and popular tags!

Global News Section - Access to up-to-date news from around the world within the app

Privacy Protection - Commitment to safeguarding user data, not selling user information for profit

User Data Handling - Transparent policies on data collection, usage, and sharing with a focus on user privacy

Beta Phase Involvement - Opportunities for early adopters to shape the platform's direction

Exclusive Badges and Icons - Unique rewards for early members to showcase their status within the community

Organic Network Growth - Opportunity for users to organically expand their network and connections

Community-Driven Platform - Involvement of users in bug fixing, feature suggestions, and platform improvements

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Committed to safeguarding user data and fairness, Rewind operates on an ad-supported model that prioritizes user privacy over profit. It stands out by addressing common frustrations found on other social networks, offering a secure, personalized, and community-driven social hub even in its early beta phase.

For more information please see our Terms of Use, privacy policy and community guidelines.

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